Learn jewelry (and photography)

Are you a beginner jeweler and want to learn basic jewelry techniques such as sawing, filing, brazing or polishing in order to work with metal to create your jewelry? Do you want to acquire new techniques such as crosslinking or master the closed setting in all its forms?
Find below the training courses that I recommend to you. They were designed by Caroline Rivière from the Objectif Bijoux blog, and we both provide personalized follow-up and support for each student who follows the courses. 

What the students say

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Caroline Rivière.jpg

Caroline Rivière

Fondatrice du blog Objectif Bijoux, bijoutière-joaillière et formatrice en ligne sur les techniques en bijouterie.

Jill Pollock.jpg

Jill Pollock

Auteur-photographe et bijoutière. Assistante formatrice en ligne sur les techniques en bijouterie.

Maxime Levesque.jpg

Maxime Levesque

Vidéaste et monteur des formations en ligne sur la bijouterie.

Nicolas Chaumard.jpg

Nicolas Chaumard

Informaticien, modérateur et animateur du groupe dédié aux élèves des formations.